They are alone
feeling lonely,
making wishes to the stars
asking for a family.

The new orphans
do have a family
a big one.
They built a life,
bought a house,
raised kids.

Now the new orphans
have nobody
only calls, new tec...

The first version of this villanelle was about Syria, the Mediterranean Sea, and the tragedy that thousands of refugees dying in the ocean. Now, the same poem works for Venezuelans.

This trip is the only way to be fre...

In the arms of your rescuers

your chest does not hurt.

The sun blinds your eyes,

you smile at the sky.

Diego Arellano, why are you smiling?

Do you know… Do you understand

that you are dying?

What do you see?

Is the sky talking?


Surrounded by mountains and the Guaire river,

Venezuelan capital is like the perfect postal.

Modern buildings only from 1970,

Hills full of poor brick houses.

In the sidewalks: garbage, threes and thieves,

On the streets 2003...

Carlos Jose lied to his parents today,

“I’m going to play soccer,” he said,

But he wanted to protest.

In his seventeen years, he only knew

About kidnaping, hungry and repression.

Sadly, looking for a change,

He found a bullet i...

Oh Genesis, you are right, we are tired
Tired of so many deaths
Tired of the fear, of too much uncertain
It is exhausted.

Genesis you are there
Protesting, fighting for your country
You, who is only a student
You, who was...

Leaving is the hardest word that I know
It is say too many “Goodbyes”
It is to live far of your memories, your weather, your food, yours…

Skype, whatsapp, facebook are your best friends
Everybody is online, is virtual

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
Animal Farm

All people are equal, but…
Who pays the express line arrives faster
Who knows the bos, gets the job.
Who has the VIP ticket meets the player...

History repeats itself
When people are not happy
They make big mistakes
Choosing wrong leaders.

When people were not happy
They voted for who said “I am the solution”
Choosing wrong leaders
Chavez, Hitler or Putin served a...

December 30, 2015

They held up a stone.
I said, “Stone,”
Smiling they said, “Stone.”

They showed me a tree.
I said, “Tree.”
Smiling they said, “Tree.”

They shed a man’s blood.
I said, “Blood.”
Smiling, they said, “Paint.”


They made electio...

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