Venezuela For Dummies – Part III

August 28, 2017


That guy who is overweight with a big mustache; who makes mistakes anytime he opens his mouth; who spokes with little birds; who dances anytime someone is killed; who does not know geography is the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. To be honest, I don’t see how he can justify to next generations this immense fail.


How could this be possible? What did happen to end with this guy as a president? Why? Why!?


There are to articles before this one where you are going to know how Nicolas Maduro became president. This one is more about how he still being president; also, I apologized for any grammar issue in these three articles.


Venezuela for Dummies – Part I

Venezuela for Dummies – Part II


Nicolas Maduro is president since April 2013. His administration has been an authentic disaster; Venezuela is living her worst crisis while he only dances. I have to admit he did something I thought it was impossible: I miss Chavez.


At this moment, there are two kinds of groups in Venezuela:

-Chavismo: who hates Maduro.

-Opposition: who hates Maduro.


Nicolas Maduro in Numbers


-In April 2013, $1 was Bs. 25.35; in July 2017, $1 is Bs.11,185.95

-The inflation in Venezuela for the last four years:
2013 – 56.2%
2014 – 39%
2015 – 270.7%
2016 – 475.8%
June 2017 – 127.8%


-6 million people only eat twice per day
People killed in Venezuela by violence
2013 – 24,763 people
2014 – 24,980 people
2015 – 27,875 people
2016 – 28,479 people


-Do you see in Venezuela die more people than in wars like Syria?
In 2016, the child mortality increased by 30%, and maternal mortality grow in 65.79%


-11,466 newborns (0-11 months) died in 2016. In 2015 the number was 8,812. All for lack medicines and food.

For example, in July 2016, the price of 24 eggs was Bs. 3,500; today, it is Bs. 22,000 (My rent in Caracas in 2012 for 1 bed, 1 bath apartment was Bs. 2,500)

Before 2017

Some crucial facts about Maduro’s administration:


-Maduro won 2013 presidential elections for only 1%. Many people believe that he changed the results, and the real winner was Henrique Capriles.

-Al the beginning of 2014, several people were disappointed with Maduro’s administration. In March that year, Leopoldo Lopez (a leader of the opposition) convocated protests Maduro (He only asked people to go to the streets and yell, no more). For many weeks people went to the streets to protest; 43 were killed and over 3,000 imprisoned.

-In December 2015, for the first time, the opposition won the qualified majority of the Congress (More than two-thirds). They won because many Chavistas voted against Maduro even though they still love Chavez.

-In 2016, Maduro was in the middle of his administration. People started the process to revoke him (Do you remember what we did back in 2004? I talked about in the second article). They got over 1,500,000 signatures. However, our electoral institution made a terrible excuse not to initiate the process (Let’s be clear, the electoral institution is going to do anything to keep Maduro as president).
The elections to choose our governor and significant should have been in December 2016, but electoral power made another excuse and suspended them.


In these four years, as you see in the previous numbers, Venezuelans don’t have food, medicines or money. People eat from the garbage.

There are many proves that Maduro and his “friends” are immersed in drug business and terrorism.
We are not sure that Maduro was born in Venezuela; he may be Colombian, so he cannot be president.


In 2017


On March 30, 2017, the Supreme Court eliminated the Congress (yes, you read well; yes, in crazy); the same Congress which was 75% opposition. On April 4, the protest started until July 30.

In these three months:


-Over 150 people were killed.
-Over a thousand went to prison.
-Over a hundred were hurt.
-Any TV national TV channel talked about these protests.
-42 radio stations have been closed.


Some nights, the military police entered in houses and apartments hurting people and pets or dropping tear gas pump to buildings.
Opposition convocated a non-official referendum to see in numbers how many people were against Maduro’s administration. The result was over 7,600,000.


As a response to these protest, the government convocated elections to a Constitutional Assembly to change the Constitution. First, the way that it was convocated was illegal (I am not going to teach Constitutional Law). Second, this kind of Assembly has more power than all the Federal and State government. Third, the people who are part of this Assembly are criminals. Forth, nobody went to vote; the numbers are less than two million people; however, electoral power said over eight million. Smartmatic, the company in charge of this duty, said that the number the government gave is not accurate.

Later in 2017


After the Constitutional Assembly (CA), people feel depressed and hopeless. Opposition leadership has not made the best decisions. Back in April and May, the message of opposition was to go to general elections, to finish with Maduro’s government; today, they are talking only about governors and majors’ election. The was not the deal.

Some people think that we should vote in governors and majors’ election because we cannot let them win in all of the states. However, another group feels that voting is to give the electoral power some legitimacy. Both are right.

At this moment, nobody is on the streets. The protest ended, but the situation is worse than five months ago. We have a CA, and the opposition is in crisis because its leaders have made many mistakes. People are mad and hungry.

Even though there is a disagreement about what it is the next step or the way, everybody in Venezuela wants the same: Maduro out of the power.

A group thinks the solution is by votes with the democracy. This is the ideal solution, but let’s be honest: it is impossible. We are talking about criminals being the government. They can’t leave Venezuela; they have billions of dollars, but DEA and Interpol will take them if they go out of Venezuela.

Another group thinks the solutions are with the military force. However, our military forces have been so quiet all these months after hundreds of deaths (four years after thousands of deaths). Some people justify their silence with different arguments; I think they are in drugs business as Maduro’s administration is. This group also considers a military intervention from the USA. The case is that Venezuela is a problem for the region; it is not dictatorship more; it is an administration with important business with drugs and terrorism.
Venezuelans are leaving their country as refugees. Some countries, such as Colombia and Peru are taking care of them; others, like Panama, are closing doors.


Luisa Ortega was (or is, this point is not clear) Prosecutor General of Venezuela for many years. She loved Chavez and Chavez loved her. Ortega did horrible injustices for over a decade; however, when the Supreme Court eliminated the Congress, she talked against to this decision; it was a huge surprise. After that, she has been fighting against to Maduro’s administration. Today, she left Venezuela, and she is traveling in Latin America showing proofs of many crimes by Maduro and his people.

That is all my readers. That is how Venezuela became one of the most complicated countries in the world.


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