I left Venezuela eight years ago. In all this time, I have tried to explain what is happening in my country, but it has been hard. Do not get me wrong; I can understand why a person who lives in an ordinary place does not understand Venezuela. Venezuela is a country wi...

December 15, 2019

If you are a Floridian, you have learned at the school or by your own experience what to do in case of a hurricane wants to visit you: buy water, buy cans of food, protect the house, get gas as crazy, go to a shelter, or evacuate in case of a big catastrophe. In my cas...

They are alone
feeling lonely,
making wishes to the stars
asking for a family.

The new orphans
do have a family
a big one.
They built a life,
bought a house,
raised kids.

Now the new orphans
have nobody
only calls, new technology
Skype, WhatsApp.
It is a life full of

The first version of this villanelle was about Syria, the Mediterranean Sea, and the tragedy that thousands of refugees dying in the ocean. Now, the same poem works for Venezuelans.

This trip is the only way to be free,
Venezuelans are risking to cross frontiers

"I cannot allow an exposition with dead bodies. 
Those bodies are human remains in our noses. 
What is that? It is a visible sign of the huge moral decomposition that shakes this planet. 
When I die, I want to be buried in my house in my town Sabaneta."
Hugo Chavez, Ju...

January 7, 2019

Robert Garside was credited by Guinness World Records as the first person to run around the world, 29,825.817 miles, in six years. I am not even close. I like to walk. In Caracas, I used to walk a lot because I have never had a car. Walking is nice until you have been...

Rebecca makes churros like she always knew how to prepare them. Wearing her beige pants and the dark blue chemise with the churro franchise on it, she moves with her right hand the handle which helps the churro dough to pull down; with her left hand, she takes a strip...

In the arms of your rescuers

your chest does not hurt.

The sun blinds your eyes,

you smile at the sky.

Diego Arellano, why are you smiling?

Do you know… Do you understand

that you are dying?

What do you see?

Is the sky talking?

Can you see our future?

Is Venezuela going to be fr...

Jeffrens always says “Carolina” in his last movements until he cums inside of my mouth. I cannot stop thinking: who is Carolina? His wife’s name is Flor, and I am Diliana. Anyway, his flavor is awful; I swallow all because he likes it and because I prefer it than when...

I love my brother’s hair. It’s straight and dark blond. Most of the time his hairstyle is short. When he was a little boy, six or seven years old, he had the favorite 90s blond kid hair: bowl cut; Aaron Carter became famous with the same hairstyle.

My brother has change...

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