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I’m Tired Of Being “At Least” Alive

Oh Genesis, you are right, we are tired Tired of so many deaths Tired of the fear, of too much uncertain It is exhausted.

Genesis you are there Protesting, fighting for your country You, who is only a student You, who was Miss Tourism.

Oh Genesis, you wear the Venezuela´s flag cap You look so safe and committed Your protest sign says exactly our feelings We are tired of being “at least” alive.

Genesis, you are one in thousands Your voice is the voice of millions Your picture is not one picture more You are on the news.

Oh Genesis, now you are famous Not because of your beauty or your grades It is for the future you never will have You cannot fight.

Genesis, that is your last pretty picture In the next one, you are dead It is your body lifeless In the middle of the street.

Oh Genesis, who kills you? We do not know A policeman, a military or a chavista horde? There is not trial or guilty Only tears and blood.

Genesis, today you are a death more In this desolation Because at least and alive are not more With your face or your name.


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