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Adaptation Of “…The Best Of Times…”

They held up a stone. I said, “Stone,” Smiling they said, “Stone.”

They showed me a tree. I said, “Tree.” Smiling they said, “Tree.”

They shed a man’s blood. I said, “Blood.” Smiling, they said, “Paint.”


They made elections I said cheating Smiling, they said Democracy.

The made people having hungry I said Communism Smiling, they said equality.

They made our money the cheapest I said negligence Smiling, they said Socialism of XXI Century.

They closed several media I said censorship Smiling, they said bad information.

They jailed their opponents I said dictatorship Smiling, they said criminals.

They showed me Chavez I said dictator Smiling, they said Our God Father.


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