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El Nazareno is in his altar looking at his devotees

Always, there are many people talking with him

Asking for favors, for miracles, thanking him.

He is listening to each one

He does not answer with words

He answers with facts.

He is wearing his typical purple tunic

With his cross on his back

The crown of thorns on his head

Purple is his color, it is his stamp

He has flowers and candles around

He is never alone.

Nobody knows when or where he was born

Caracas knows about El Nazareno de San Pablo

Since XVI century when he cured the town.

People were suffering yellow fever

There was no cure

Until a Holy Wednesday,

When his cross touched a lemon tree

With its juice, everybody was saved.

For hundreds of years, all Caracas

Has visited every Holy Wednesday

It is his day, it is the purple day

When he walks outside every year.

There are so many miracles, so many thanks

Now candles are prohibited that day

Because a hundred years ago, a big fire came

More people died hit by the scared than for the fire.

Juan’s son was saved

Marta’s husband could walk again

Ricardo has a new job

Pedro’s wife was able to have kids

Laura does not suffer cancer anymore

Victor bought his own house

El Nazareno always says yes.

In XIX century, he was living in a church

Which a President converted to a patriotic museum,

El Nazareno was a refugee, but

He talked with that President

He showed up in his dreams

He asked for a new house

The President, believing in his dreams

Took the piece of advice,

He built two churches in one

One side St Ana, the other St Teresa

The name of his wife.

Caracas changes.

Caracas was a colonial town

She was a small city with red ceilings

A modern place in the 70s

But a piece of hell now

El Nazareno does not move, and he is everywhere

He has several replies, every church in Caracas has one

El Nazareno always is watching us, listening to us, helping us…


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